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Height safety management system.


Our Height Safety Management System securely stores all relevant information about your height safety and access systems including equipment ID and serial number, manufacturer's details, equipment information and specifications, installer details, install date, inspection dates, inspection due date and condition.


A reminder email is sent to our client well in advance leading up to the inspection due date so that the equipment can remain in service.


All Areas Access can also provide personalised management systems for the control of personnel working at heights by implenting a permit system, equipment log and other control mechanisms.




Training in the use of the height safety and access systems is an essential part of the process. Product information, instruction manuals and tutorials are provided and site personnel and contractors using the systems are invited to attend a tailored training session on the correct care, storage and use of the equipment. They are shown how to sign equipment in and out for use, and document all aspects of the equipment usage.

System management & training.

height safety, maintenance, management
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