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Typical height safety, fall protection & access systems.

Commercial - office / hospital / university. 


Access and Fall Protection systems are mandatory where access to an elevated area above 2.0 metres is required and wherever there is any risk of a fall, causing injury or death.


Here is a typical height safety, fall protection and access system layout for this type of facility with various equipment (ladders, bridges, handrails, guardrails, walkways, anchor points and static lines) meeting height safety requirements.


All products are designed and manufactured
in accordance with relevant AS/NZS Standards, OHS Acts and Regulations, Codes of Practice and Guidelines.


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Anchor 27

LD 402


Ladder Support Bracket with KATT LD450
Custom Portable Ladder  

  • Designed to provide a secure attachment point for portable ladders when accessing a roof

  • Simple installation using standard fixings

  • Prevents sideway movement and ladder foot slip

VISTA Ladders


Fold Down Access Ladder

The Vista Fold Down Access Ladder System provides a sturdy high strength solution where safe access/egress to roof is gained internally.

  • Lightweight, robust and maintenance free

  • Increased safe working load of 150kg

LD 21


Mini Ladder with Grabrails and 1.0M Landing

Ideally suited to provide access between varying levels such as, lower roofs to upper roofs, plant platform access.

  • Lightweight, robust aluminium construction

  • Modular componentry for easy on site delivery and assembly

  • Unique rung profile design makes ladder comfortable and easy to use

AP 130


Fall Arrest Anchor

The Top Mount Anchor Kit is 15kN fall arrest rated incorporating an energy absorbing eye lanyard attachment point.

  • Varied roof deck fixing options

  • No on site assembly required

SL 1


Top Mount Static Line System

The permanent fall arrest system incorporates low profile componentry which can be used in horizontal and overhead applications.

  • Fall arrest rated, multiple user capability

  • Continuous attachment using Pilot Traveller

GW 10/11


Fibre Walkway
(Yellow or Grey)

The lightweight, reinforced fibre composite walkway and roof deck protection system is simple and quick to install.

  • Advanced, multi-directional non-slip surface

  • Reduced number of roof penetrations

AP 145.10


Temporary Anchor Point
- Screw Fix only (includes carry bag)

Rated at 15kN, the temporary anchor point incorporates a unique energy absorbing swivel eye lanyard attachment point.

  • Adjustable pivot arms
    to suit any application

  • Lightweight and relocatable

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