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Risk assessment.


Risk assessments start with rating the risks into high, medium and low taking into consideration the frequency of access and the consequence of an incident using a customised risk matrix. All existing control mechanisms are identified and their compliance is checked against Australian Standards and the Building Code of Australia. Finally, using the hierarchy of control, a final plan is drawn to include recommendations of future controls to be implemented to bring the facility to height safety compliance.

Height safety compliance.


Whether it's still a concept on paper, a new build, or an existing building or structure, All Areas Access consult with clients at every stage of a facility's life cycle to ensure height safety compliance. We won't just tell you what you want to know, we will tell you all the things you NEED to know as a facility manager, owner or operator.


  • Audits

  • Risk Assessments

  • Compliance & certification

  • Australian Codes, Standards & Legislation

  • Site observations

  • Recommendations

  • Important information

  • Budget allocation & forecasts

Consultancy & risk assessment.

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Hierarchy of Control.


1. Elimination

Eliminate the hazard or risk by avoiding the need to access unsafe areas, where reasonably practical.


2. Substitution

Minimise the hazzard or risk by providing alternative means of access to maintenance areas.


3. Isolation

Minimise the risk by barracading, enclosing or restricting access to unsafe areas.


4. Engineering (permanent)

Minimise the risk by specifying permanent access and fall protection and/or work positioning equipment.


5. Engineering (temporary)

Minimise the risk by utilising temporary fall arrest protection and/or fall injury prevention systems.


6. Administrative measures

Apply administrative measures such as warning signage and safe work procedures.


7. Personal Protective Equipment

Provide appropriate, approved Personal Protective Equipment and clothing to all persons assigned to perform work.

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